Image A warrior's rest after skiing in the Alpes : food, fire and fun !

A warrior's rest after skiing in the Alpes : food, fire and fun !

A warrior's rest after skiing in the Alpes : food, fire and fun !

Thanks to the beautiful snowed valleys and mountains in French Alps, it is the best destination for skiing in France. Val d'Isère, Portes du Soleil and Chamonix are among the best ski stations that many skiers frequent in winter season.

However, Alps' area also encompasses many other beautiful places to discover during your holidays. They allow to enjoy food, to take a rest and to have fun throughout the years. After the skiing sport in the Alps, here are some of the best places to rest and have fun.

The best activity for having fun in the Alps

The Alps are not only for practicing mountain and snow activities, but they also have many good restaurants that allow you enjoy alpine foods during the mealtime.

  • After the ski activities across the high mountains and large valley in the Alps' ski resorts, you have the opportunity to choose your nearby restaurant to eat and drink while resting. Here are some of the best places to eat after skiing in the Alps: La table d'Alpaga, Megève 
  • Flocon de Sel, Megève 
  • Albert I, Chamonix 
  • Oxalys, Val-Thorens

The best hotels in the Alps

If you are on ski holidays and looking for the best hotels to ensure your stay and your rest after skiing in the Alps, don't look further! Elegant and luxury Alpine hotels are there to ensure your stay.

There is a great number of hotels that you can choose from in the Alps. You can make the best choice according to your needs and likes. Most of them are well-equipped and perfect for guests' accommodation.

They allow you to rest and relax during your stay especially after skiing through the large snowed mountains. Here are the best hotels in the Alps where you can rest after skiing: 

  • Chateau de Thorens 
  • Le Chalet des Anges 
  • Hilton Evian-les-Bains 
  • La Maison Sur Les Nuages 
  • La Ferme des Vonezins 
  • Hotel Restaurant de Yoann Conte

The best activities to do after skiing in the Alps

Apart from snowboarding and skiing in the immense valley and mountains of the Alps, some other activities can be done to allow you to rest and get rid of tiredness.

The location allows you to practice innumerable funny and relaxing activities in many areas. Among the best activities that you can do after skiing in the Alps are: 

  • Enjoying a nice walk through the natural landscapes 
  • Visiting historical sites and museums 
  • Having a spa session in the spa spots 
  • Sunbathing in the sun

Traveling through the Alps

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