Image The best ski stations around Chamonix

The best ski stations around Chamonix

The best ski stations around Chamonix

Chamonix, situated in southeastern France, is one of the oldest and the most visited ski resorts of the country. By the area, it is the fourth-largest commune in France and home to the first Olympic winter games.

Thanks to large snowed valleys and mid-high-mountains that the area has, skiing is one of the most popular activities that people enjoy in Chamonix especially in winter season.

The best ski stations for skiing around Chamonix

  •  La Vormaine

La Vormaine is a large ski station in Le Tour Village, in Chamonix. This is the largest nursery ski area reserved for beginners in all levels. The place is suggested to those who start skiing. This is because La Vormaine is a very large and flat space which allows any skiers to train and progress safely on the gentle slopes along the base of the valley. The site is mainly composed of one blue slope, two green slopes, Snow Park and a place for freestyle.

  • Les Grands Montets

Les Grands Montets is among the most frequented ski areas because it is the largest of Chamonix's ski station, located on the glacier. It is not only a large space for skiing but it also serves as a good site for holiday tour thanks to its iconic and stunning views. Les Grands Montets is a very cold area the morning but it gets sunnier in the middle of the afternoon. 

  • La Vallee Blanche

La Vallee Blanche's overview looks very amazing thanks to the breathtaking high mountains and hills covered in winter snow. It is a popular ski station in Chamonix area which attracts many experienced skiers from France and other outland countries. If you ski as a foreigner or you don't know more about the area, there are guides who can assist you throughout the ski station. 

  • Le Savoy

Le Savoy is situated in the Center of Chamonix, part of a snowed village that is settled at the top of the hills. Due to the luminous landscapes and the beautiful ski station, Le savoy deserves many visitors. Many people come here to ski on the large ski area with different slope levels. This is a better station for skiing for beginners and for children. You can enjoy snacks and meals in the restaurants nearby while skiing in Le Savoy. 

  • Le Tour & Vallorcine

A very vast ski area with marked pistes, many visitors are really interested in Le Tour & Vallorcine. It is the gentlest snow area in Chamonix and considered as one of skiers' favorites in France.

This makes it a perfect place for skiing during the snow season. The ski station offers fast and easy access to various steep runs along the mountains. You can ski up to the Vallorcine if the snow is good.

Traveling and staying in Chamonix

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